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About Us

We are a small, family-run business, based in Suffolk, who take pride in offering the widest range of quality metal bird sculptures available in the U.K. We have been trading since 1995, when we were one of the first companies to introduce metal bird sculptures from Zimbabwe to this country. As a result, our range of bird sculptures continues to grow, with new designs and styles appearing each year to an increasingly loyal band of customers/collectors.

About Our Artists

Our range of metal bird sculptures are made by a group of artists known as 'Birdwoods', and they are generally recognised as being the highest quality metal bird sculptures available in Zimbabwe. Although there have been many attempted copies, nobody else has succeeded in creating the same degree of detail and movement. We consider ourselves to be the main agent for the 'Birdwoods' range and all our sculptures are stamped/ringed with the artists' logo for authenticity.

Originally the group of artists were formed with the help and support of Louise Stobart, who a few years ago passed this over to Joy Denton to manage the group and advise and help with the designs of the sculptures.

All our bird sculptures are individually sculpted from reclaimed metal, mainly old oil drums. The metal is cleaned thoroughly before use, burnished and then cut to size and individually hand-crafted to produce stunning sculptures, suitable for gardens or interiors. The sculptures are coated with a protective coating when completed and we simply recommend an annual coating of yacht varnish to keep your sculpture in good condition, if placed outside. We also provide stakes for the feet of the larger sculptures to enable them to remain stable on the ground. All our metal sculptures are therefore individually made and although of a generic type, every bird sculpture will be different in some way, whether it is a slight head movement, poise or stride.

This means that every sculpture we sell is an individual work of art.

These stunning sculptures are made from reclaimed metal that would otherwise pollute the environment, and they have also created opportunity and jobs for the team of artists and their families. The artists have established a good standard of living by their art and their families are all supported and helped as a group as well.

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